Coronavirus and Improved Health

The Opportunity Within the Challenge:

How Coronavirus Could Lead to Improved Health

Today’s challenges bring the perfect opportunity for us all to focus on our health. Most of us are home, whether we are working from home or have a pause. Stay at home order puts us one hundred percent in control of our environment, which sets us up for success in creating new habits.

Focusing our attention on the lifestyle areas that support our immune systems will reduce our inflammation and improve our long-term health. I acknowledge that many of us are experiencing uncertainty and stress right now. This is precisely why now is the time!

If we do not pay extra attention to our health right now, we may experience a decline. The additional stress we are feeling due to the uncertainties in the time of Coronavirus could be adding to inflammation. If we don’t take steps to manage that stress, it could lead to unhealthy habits like stress-eating Frankenfoods and staying up until all hours binging Netflix.

When we aren’t paying attention, it is easy to fall into bad habits. So, what can we do? Dedicate this time to improving our health and set the goal of being healthier by the time life returns to business as usual.

Step one: Take advantage of being at home to commit to an anti-inflammatory diet.

Avoiding inflammatory foods such as sugars and gluten will support your immune system to best fight the virus, as well as reducing your chronic inflammation. Many of my clients are surprised at the ease with which they have embraced their new eating plan. They are creating the routines and habits that are taking root and will support them to continue to eat well in the future. They are feeling better and more energized, which is motivating and reinforcing to maintain the eating plan that keeps them feeling better than they have in ages.

Step two: Create and maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

When there is no need to commute to work or leave the house, it can be tempting to sleep when we feel like it. Even if you are not tired, it is essential to maintain focus on sleep to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and allow the body to heal. Having a set bedtime and wake time supports the body to optimize sleep. It is helpful to create a bedtime routine, just like we had when we were children. Having a routine allows the body to be ready to sleep when it is time.

Step three: Create or recommit to a dedicated stress-management routine.

If you have resisted this in the past, it has never been more critical. If you don’t already have an effective stress management routine, commit to at least ten minutes a day, ideally at the same time of day, to start. There are many free meditation apps out there, which is a great place to start. Perhaps breathing exercises are “more your jam”…great! Get creative and personalize your practice. Is there something you love to do that fills your cup? Do it daily! If you already have a dedicated stress-management routine, now would be a great time to expand it.

Step four: Keep your body moving!

This week is an ideal time to create an at-home exercise routine. It is important not to over-exercise, but to move the body. Yoga, strength training using bodyweight or bands, walking, and taking online fitness classes are just a few ideas. Step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with a new approach. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be physically more robust at the end of this challenging time?

How it could Look

Let me offer you two scenarios …

1. You spend this time getting through your day in overwhelm. You don’t pay attention to your health, as you are stuck in survival mode. You will likely be eating bad foods and gaining weight. Perhaps you have the news playing all day so you can stay informed (and continuously drive your cortisol through the roof). Maybe sleep has also gone off the rails as your stress levels have increased, and you don’t need to get up early anyway. Hopefully, this is NOT YOU!!

2. You make a conscious decision to create your silver lining during this time and commit to improving your health. Your diet has improved as well as your sleep routine, and you have created a stress-management method that works amazingly well for you. Maybe you have created a new exercise routine that fits easily into your day, and you surprisingly like it better than what you were doing before.

The result: You feel younger, stronger, fitter, and more energized on the other side of this. If you have autoimmunity, your symptoms are improving, or maybe even gone.

The ball is in your court. The choice is yours. What will you do with this time?? Are you going to choose to create your breakthrough and use this time to create wellness that is beyond what you imagine possible? I hope so!!

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