Do you want individual attention to make changes at your own pace?

I am here to partner with you. Together we will co-create an individualized plan that will best support you and meet you where you are. We will address the essential lifestyle areas in the order that serves you best. I will be here to listen, provide resources, guide you, and be your accountability partner to champion you in creating the changes that can have you feeling better than you imagine.

I want to thank Julie for giving me back my life…except she help me achieve a much healthier, more productive and need I say happier life.

Dianne R.


I completed a round of whole30 with Julie’s guidance earlier this year as a means to rule out any food sensitivities. Not only did I complete this round, but I also came away with a new outlook on food and overall health, much in thanks to Julie! Throughout the journey Julie was right by my side, and always encouraged me to keep going when I was ready to throw in the towel. She continually pushed me to set my own goals, and always asked how she could help me achieve these goals. Julie was (and still is) an excellent resource, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health!


I am Julie Michelson. I have significantly reduced my inflammation and reversed my autoimmune challenges.

I am here to support you in doing the same.

I want to share my skills and the knowledge that took years to acquire, in order to support you in achieving your best health.

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